Chiller & Cooling Tower Rentals

24-Hour Rental Hotline: 866-622-7367

The MacAllister Power Systems fleet of water chillers features mobility, flexibility and value. With single units ranging from 30 Tons to 400 Tons, count on MacAllister Power Systems for comfort, process or additional cooling capacity.

Advantages Include:

  • Locally owned fleet of over 5,000 tons
  • Layout assistance
  • Variety of fittings to make connection a snap
  • Trailers available for quick placement
  • Staff of licensed refrigeration experts
  • 24x7x365 service

Industries Served & Applications

General Contractors and Construction

  • Concrete cooling
  • Comfort cooling during remodel or reconstruction

Industrial and Manufacturing Plants

  • Process cooling enhancements
  • Testing of new process
  • Supplement cooling tower
  • Jacketed reactor cooling
  • Overhead condenser cooling
  • Lube oil cooling

Mechanical Contractors

  • Emergency cooling
  • Temporary cooling during maintenance or repairs


  • Ice skating rinks
  • Large tent or structure cooling