Rental Power

24-Hour Rental Hotline: 866-622-7367

Whether you’re dealing with an emergency or planning a year in advance, the equipment simply has to be there when you need it. That’s a good reason to rely on MacAllister Power Systems for Rental Power.

Power Systems Rental Offers:

  • The largest fleet of generator sets in Indiana
  • Temperature control expertise
  • Compressed air solutions
  • Reliable equipment, built exclusively for rental
  • 7 Indiana locations
  • 24/7 service, support, and expertise
  • Contingency planning

So whether you’re looking for a long-term power contingency plan or you need backup power right away, call our 24-hour Rental Hotline at 866-622-7367 or contact us online.

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Markets We Support

  • Energy Utilities:  The utility industry is changing dramatically. Deregulation and privatization are under way in nearly every country. Mergers, acquisitions and investments are occurring rapidly, often across national borders. Electric power markets, the last great-regulated monopoly, are opening to competition.
  • Manufacturing:  High-value manufacturing processes depend on reliable electricity to maintain throughout and protect product integrity.
  • Commercial Business:  On-site power systems are key components in networks linking corporate headquarters with branch offices and retail outlets in widely scattered locations.
  • Communications:  Reliable electric power is essential in the communications industry, where customers expect trouble-free connections and uninterrupted service.
  • Agriculture:  On-site electric power systems help give the world’s farmers a bit of certainty in a largely unpredictable business. Applications are almost as diverse as the farms themselves.
  • Construction and Mining:  On-site electric power is ideal for the highly variable needs of construction and extractive industries. Installed or mobile systems provide power in areas beyond the reach of utilities.
  • Public Entities and Civil Service:  Reliable electricity helps public facilities serve a wide range of needs, from health care and protection through transportation, education and constituent service.
  • Event Services:  When planning a special event, be sure to consider power and temperature control. MacAllister Power Systems has over 30 years of experience in event planning, layout, and execution.