Industrial Engine Service

We service all makes and models of industrial diesel engines.

For immediate assistance, please call us at (317) 545-2151

Experienced Diesel Engine Technicians

When you need a scheduled or emergency repair on your engine, our experienced technicians are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MacAllister has over 25 technicians exceeding 250 years total experience that provides unequaled expertise and response.

Unparalleled Engine Service

Whether you have a Cat powered truck, asphalt mill, ZTR mower, dredge or other type of industrial equipment, MacAllister can provide parts and service for your engine 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Engine Repair Options

We will offer a multitude of solutions if our inspection detects a condition with your engine that requires immediate or future attention.

Fire Pumps

We service all makes of fire pump engines.

Customer Service Agreements

No matter what service requirements you have, MacAllister can Tailor a Customer Service Agreement (CSA) to help you better plan and control your operating costs. MacAllister CSA options include periodic inspections, oil change, coolant flush, and fuel cleaning.

Fuel Cleaning

We also offer a fuel cleaning service for your fuel storage tanks.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis is a critical component of a cost effective fleet management program. This service is available for engine oil, engine coolant, or diesel fuel. Results will help detect problems early, monitor trends both positive and negative, better manage budgets by detecting problems before they become major repairs, help schedule downtime, allow monitoring of maintenance schedules and the impact on the equipment, and finally develop a complete service history.

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